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Buy Pupil Dilating Agent for Pediatric Myopia

Are you here by mistake? Adults looking to purchase Pupil Dilating Eyedrops for vitreous eye floater management please click here

Parents or Guardians of children prescribed Low Dose Pupil Dilating Agents*) can purchase it here. You must first complete and submit Registration and Consent forms as well as submit a copy of the prescription or medical chart recommendation (or ask doctor's office to do so)

If you need to complete these forms, please go HERE

Standard strengths available: 0.01% and 0.05% (these are what are usually prescribed)
Custom strengths also available: 0.022% and 0.034%

*Due to search engine ad company's restrictions, and in compliance with the national & international laws, we are unable to use the Brand or Generic names of medications.

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