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 Buy Pupil Dilating Agents (low dose)

(with extended range dose strengths: 0.05%, 0.034%, 0.022%, 0.01%, 0.005%, 0.0025%)

(Must be existing patient or complete Tele-Med Consultation first)

Custom compounded eye drop medication AtropSulfate mildly dilates the pupils, on average by about 1.5mm in diameter. A dilated pupil can diminish the shadows cast onto the retina and has the potential to decrease your awareness of your eye floaters. Unlike treatment with the YAG laser, it does not affect the actual eye floater(s), just your awareness of the floaters. 

  • Each bottle has been measured out to contain about 85-87 drops, enough to treat both eyes, every day for over a month

  • Must be an existing patient, or you will need to complete a tele-medicine consultation with Dr. Johnson prior to purchase ( click here to schedule ). This is mandatory to establish a doctor-patient relationship and to determine the appropriateness for use of low-dose atropine.

  • With the Tele-Medicine consultation, we will mail you a bottle to try it out to determine if you wish to purchase more. 

  • We start with the 0.01% strength AtropSulphate, but we find that about 15% of patients are still overly sensitive to that strength, and going forward do well with the ultra low dose, 0.005%

  • Because everyone's eyes are different, we offer 6 different dosage strengths, but will usually start with 0.01% which seems to satisfy about 80% of the users. 

  • Solution is preservative-free in sterile saline. The dilutions are processed from commercially available 1% solution in a laboratory grade HEPA-filtered laminar flow hood using the samr process as a custom compounding pharmacy. Solution is stable for 1 year when refrigerated, but refrigeration is not necessary. 

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