Practice Introduction and Summary

Eye Floaters can affect the quality of vision and the quality of life for those that suffer them. They are common and they are typically ignored or not deemed important in the professional eye care community.


James H Johnson, M.D., "The Floater Doctor", and Medical Director of Vitreous Floater Solutions, Inc. not only specializes in the laser treatment of eye floaters, but his medical practice located in Southern California is the only practice in the world exclusively treating these very bothersome moving shadows in your vision.

Regardless of what they are called regionally: Eye Floaters, Vitreous Floaters, Moscae Volitantes, Miodesopsie Glaskörper, etc., most eye floaters can be treated despite what your doctor tells you. Dr. James H. Johnson is a pioneer in the use of an FDA-approved YAG laser to treat these opacities and densities in the back of the eye.

These moving shadows affect the quality of vision and the quality of life for those suffering them. Many people are told that “nothing can be done” for their eye floaters or that they “should just learn to live with them“. Dr. Johnson disagrees and has dedicated his entire professional career to the treatment of eye floaters for those with the desire for more clear and comfortable vision. There is no natural mechanism or process to clear floaters out of the eye so your choice is to either do nothing or do something.

This website is the most comprehensive resource available on this topic. If you are seriously looking for relief from the persistent moving shadows in your vision, please take the time to read through the many important and informative topics. Throughout this website we will show you how the laser treatment of eye floaters can be done:

  • painlessly

  • non-invasively

  • with rapid recovery, and

  • with very acceptably low risk

Dr. Johnson is an ophthalmologist (medical doctor eye surgeon) licensed in Texas and California was a diplomate by the American Board of Medical Specialties in 2004. He has dedicated his entire profession to the treatment of eye floaters. He could not do so and would not do so if it wasn’t an overall successful procedure with acceptably low risk. 

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