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Low Dose AtropSulfate for Myopic Children

Looking for a Source of Low Dose Dilating Eye Drops for your child? 

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Low Dose Dilating Agents are sometimes prescribed for children if they are diagnosed early with myopia in an effort to slow the progression and reduce the amount of nearsightedness they may suffer as an adult. The mechanism of action is not well understood, but at the very low doses (0.01% to 0.05%, typically) it is very safe and should only very minimally increase the size of their pupil and should not affect their focusing ability as compared to the much stronger effects of the full strength 1% eye drops.

We have been providing low dose dilating agents for our younger adult patients that suffer eye floaters with great success and no complications. If your child has already been evaluated and prescribed low dose dilating agents by your optometrist or ophthalmologist, we can also provide it for you at a reduced price compared to most compounding pharmacies. 

The low dose dilating agents is prepared by diluting commercially available 1% solution with sterile saline to the desired concentrations. Eye doctors will commonly prescribe 0.01% (a 100x dilution) or 0.05% (a 20X dilution) for their young myopic patients. We offer both as well as some intermediate strengths if needed. 

Our practice is a medical practice, not a pharmacy and low dose dilating agents ,even at these very low doses, is still a prescription medication. For our eye floater patients, we require a paid Zoom Tele-Medicine Consultation to establish an official doctor-patient relationship. For children who have already had the exam and received a prescription, I will honor the prescribing doctor's evaluation and recommendation, but we will still require the completion of an online registration and consent form (below). We will waive the usual fees and requirement to schedule a tele-consultation with Dr. Johnson.
We will need you to also upload an image or PDF copy of either the prescription itself, or the doctors notes making the recommendation. Alternatively, you can request the doctor's office email a copy to:

AtropSulfate for Childhood Myopia Registration Form

Please fill out the following form in order to purchase Low Dose Dilating Agents for your child

1 bottle standard.png
Consent Form

I affirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child named above (patient) and that the patient has had an eye exam with a qualified and licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist who prescribed Low Dose Dilating Agents for myopia with the goal of: 1. Slowing the progression of myopia, and 2. Reducing the final severity of their myopia later in life.

I understand that the use of Low Dose Dilating Agents can not reverse the myopia already present. As with any medication, there is the potential for side effects. Fortunately, with Low Dose Dilating Agents the potential for side effects is very minimal. Approximately 2-3% of children were reported to experience some redness and irritation of the eye which is reversible when the Low Dose Dilating Agents is discontinued. The strength of the medication is variable, usually 0.01% and 0.05%, but other custom doses can be used. 

Full strength commercially available 1% solution is part of a medication family that has dual effects that are well known: 1. Fully dilates the pupil, and 2. Diminishes accommodation (focusing ability). 

Low Dose Dilating Agents mildly dilates the pupils and should only mildly affect focusing ability, but one dosage strength may not be perfect for all. Some patients may be particularly sensitive to the 0.05% dose and may need a weaker strength such as 0.01% or 0.005%. Coordinate and seek advice with the prescribing doctor if you think the strength needs to be changed or if there are any other side effects.

I understand that Vitreous Floater Solutions, Inc. is a licensed medical practice in the State of Texas and not registered as a pharmacy. I also understand Dr. James H. Johnson, Medical Director is a licensed MD ophthalmologist in the State of Texas and California and not a pharmacist, and that Dr. Johnson has been compounding and providing Low Dose Atropine for his ophthalmology patients and that the purpose of this Registration Form and Consent Form submission is to establish a doctor-patient relationship with the patient via their parent or guardian. 

Dr. Johnson will honor your eye doctor's evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy recommendation and we will void the $125 professional fee usually required for Tele-Medicine consultations with our practice's patients. We will need a copy of the prescription for Low Dose Dilating Agents or a copy of the chart/medical notes recommending the use of Low Dose Dilating Agents (can be attached with this form submission or submitted separately by the doctor's office to:


Our low dose Low Dose Dilating Agents is a simple dilution of commercially available 1% solution and diluted with 0.9% sterile saline. No additional preservatives or chemicals are added. The eye dropper containers are prepared with sterile procedure in a laminar flow hood filtered environment. The procedures and quality are the same  as you would expect and receive from a compounding pharmacy. The bottle is measured to contain on average 85-87 individual drops which should be able to treat both eyes daily for over a month. The strengths that are available are:

0.005% (weakest), 0.01%, 0.022%, 0.034%, 0.05%, 0.058%.

I understand and agree to the above.

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Your doctor's office can email directly to mail@thefloaterdoctor
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