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One each of 4.25ml of Pupil Dilating Agent low dose (approx 85-87 drops each).
This is the starting low dose strength. 
Indicated uses:
1. Symptomatic relief of non-pathological eye floater symptoms, or
2. Long term use for preventing or reducing progression of childhood myopia  prescribed or recommended its use by a licensed eye care provider.

1 ea Pediatric AtropSulfate 0.01%

SKU: 1ea_ped.atrop_0.01
  • More information:
    Pupil Dilating Agent (low dose) is prepared by the dilution of commercially available AtropSulfate 1%. It is diluted with sterile medical grade 0.9% saline in a laminar flow hood using sterile procedure. Each bottle contains 85-87 drops and should provide over 1 month's use treating both eyes 1 drop per day. Can be administered at night or in the morning.
    There will be some mild dilation of the pupils. If the pupils become very large, complains of light sensitivity and/or if the user is having difficulty seeing up close, please discuss with Dr. Johnson (eye floaters) or the prescribing doctor (myopia) for the option of decreasing the dosage strength.
    In studies, approximately 2-3% of children will experience some red eye reaction. If this occurs, stop the medication and contact the prescribing physician.

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