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Three each of 4.25ml of Pupil Dilating Agent low dose (approx 85-87 drops each). Custom Strengths available: 0.005% (weaker), 0.0025% (much weaker), that is, weaker than the standard low dose 0.01% (which is a 100X dilution from commercial strength AtropSulfate)Indicated uses: Mild pupil dilation for children diagnosed with myopia and prescribed or recommended its use by a licensed eye care provider.

3 ea Pediatric AtropSulfate 0.005% or 0.0025%

SKU: 3ea_ped.atrop_0.005_0.0025
    1. BE AN EXISTING PATIENT (existing doctor-patient relationship)
    2. FIRST PARTICIPATE IN TELE-MED CONSULTATION. (Establish a doctor-patient relationship)

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