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Destruction of a Dense Vitreous Eye Floater without Invasive and Risky Surgery. Doctor's View.

I have finally put together a video recording system mounted at the laser biomicroscope to better record these treatment. This is my 4th system and I am finally satisfied with the quality, resolution, and dynamic range that it records.

I think it is important for the floater-sufferer to understand what it is that I do, and it is very very convincing that the YAG laser treatment is a legitimate option once you see my view of a treatment as shown here in this video. I also explain how the camera is set up for those curious as to how I record these images.

Dr. James H Johnson is medical director of Vitreous Floater Solutions, Inc. and also known as 'The Floater Doctor'. His super-specialty ophthalmology practice in Southern California is the only one in the world exclusively dedicated to the laser treatment of eye floaters. "Wait", you say I was told nothing can be done about my floaters. Truth be told, not everybody is a great candidate for treatment, but any eyecare provider who puts forth the blanket statement that floaters are not treatable is not fully informed. Dr. Johnson has been treating floaters exclusively since 2007 and has performed thousands and thousands of procedures using an FDA-approved YAG laser. In this video, Dr. Johnson explains some of the optics involved with the laser slit lamp bio microscopes and some of the challenges in recording good quality video to document it for you. The video also shows to Weiss ring variant floaters that are very dense and very bothersome to the floater suffering patient. In just a minute or two of treatment of this type of floater, you can see what starts out as a prominent and dense aggregation of proteins get vaporized and destroyed by the very accurate YAG laser.

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