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Destruction of a Classic Weiss Ring Floater w/Narration

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

I previously treated David's left eye back in 2018 when I was back in So. California. Recently, he developed a new floater in his other eye after I left California for Texas. He sought out the evaluation of a local doctor who considered treating the floater himself. So that doctor contacted me asking some questions such as "What laser treatment contact lens would I recommend he use, etc."

OK, I am a little concerned, but everyone has to begin their journey somewhere and I would rather share information rather than be catty and competitive. About a week later, the doctor contacts me again sharing his frustration in trying to treat this particular floater. "Nothing was happening". Well his energy settings were off, but more importantly, as competent as he is in every other aspect of ophthalmology, he just didn't have the experience treating eye floaters. Longer story short... Dave came to see me about a week later. What I found on exam was a beautiful, classic weiss ring floater that appeared untouched and unaffected be any previous attempted procedure. What you'll see in the video is a very effective and efficient treatment with the YAG laser.

Not all floaters are this straightforward and efficient which is why I like these so much. The take home from this is

  • Your floaters are probably different, and so I don't want to represent this treatment as typical. My intent is just to show that the YAG laser procedure is real

  • Experience matters. Just because your local well-intentioned and curious ophthalmologist will attempt to treat your floaters - they DO have a YAG laser after all - it doesn't mean they have the experience and specialized skills to do so. I have an entire video on that topic ("Choose Carefully": )

Cheers, Dr. Johnson

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Carol Feenstra
Carol Feenstra
29. Juli 2021

Dr. Johnson treated my eye for a floater that was exactly in front where my acute vision was. It impaired my vision when I was starting IVs in that I had to look away quickly to move the floater right before I started someone’s IV!!! His treatment worked beautifully. A year and a half later another floater appeared in the same eye. Dr. Johnson treated it and it is fine now. I am very pleased with Dr. Johnson’s expertise. Carol Feenstra

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