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The Accuracy of the YAG laser in Treating Vitreous Eye Floaters - Vitreolysis.

The Floater Doctor is so dedicated to education that he is willing to commit a federal crime just to demonstrate the incredible control and accuracy when treating your bothersome vitreous eye floaters - those moving shadows and spots and threads in your vision. Have you been told nothing can be done? You'll just have to get used to it? Give it time and they will move out of the way. Watch to the end and see a floaters being treated.

OK, So it is not really much of a crime after all. The real crime is that collectively the profession of ophthalmology ignores patients who suffer from bothersome vitreous eye floaters. With few exceptions, most seeking the help of their local eye care provider get the typical, standard, cookbook platitudes and reassurance: "your brain a good use to it", "it will drop out of the way", "give it time". Isn't it the prime directive of medical providers to alleviate pain and suffering and improve the quality of life? The reality is that bothersome floaters absolutely affect the quality of vision and quality of life. There are just a few of us who "get it" when it comes to eye floaters. There are just a few doctors worldwide with any significant experience in treating eye floaters, and I lay claim that I am the only one in the world exclusively dedicated to treating eye floaters.

If you really do have floaters that are more just than a little annoying and comprehensively affect your day-to-day quality life, it may very well be worth your while to get an evaluation and possible treatment if you are indeed a good candidate for safe and successful treatment. If you route around the Internet you might find somebody who bought a laser and was told by the sales staff that the laser treats floaters. I could not disagree more. The lasers do not treat floaters, experienced ophthalmologists treat floaters and although it may be tempting to see somebody in your local city or nearby area, you really need to find someone with significant experience - That is The Floater Doctor.

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