Tele-Medicine Consultation w/Dr. Johnson + 1 mo. Supply

PURPOSE: This program makes it super easy to get a months supply of low dose atropine (starting with 0.01%) for relief of the symptoms of eye floaters. It has been a very successful program. Check the Yelp.com and Google Business reviews (links below) for testimonials and 5-star reviews. 

  • Must be > 18 yrs and US Resident
  • After Payment, you'll receive a digital download with links to schedule the date and time and complete a Registration Form
A Brief Introduction

Atropine is naturally occurring chemical and originally derived from plants and affects the parasympathetic nervous system. It has been used in ophthalmology for well over 100 years and is commonly used for dilating the pupils, treating severe eye inflammation, and with long-term use, it has been shown to reduce the progression of myopia (nearsightedness).

The commercially-available strength (1%) produces very large dilation of the pupils and paralyzes accommodation (eye's focusing ability) and can lasts for up to several days. At that strength it is very rarely used because the side effects of extreme sensitivity to light and loss of ability to focus up close. For eye exams in the office, we use a much shorter acting agent, usually tropicamide. 


When we say "you are seeing floaters", it is not a technically accurate statement. YOU DO NOT SEE FLOATERS, but instead you see the shadows or the disturbance of vision by densities in the vitreous fluid. Those shadows, 'the floaters' you are are aware of are influenced by a few variables. One of the most important of these is the size of your pupils which is normally reactive to the amount of light in your environment. Generally, the brighter it is around you, the smaller the pupils, and consequently the more distinct and defined the appearance of your eye floaters. Conversely, in dim or dark environments, the pupils get bigger to allow in more light, but the benefit to that is that the floaters are diminished, softened, and generally less noticeable. 

You may have experienced that yourself by instinctively dimming lights, wearing sunglasses indoors, when driving at night, or getting some temporary relief after your dilated eye examination from your eye doctor. 

Large vs Small pupil.png


One practical application is the use of a very low-dose atropine (0.01%) to mildly dilate the pupil (increasing diameter by 1.4 mm on average) which can bring some relief from the floaters, but at this dose there is no noticeable loss of near focusing ability. In addition, the patient will not suffer the extreme sensitivity to light (or the socially unacceptable appearance) that accompanies very large pupils.

Medically, full commercial strength (1%) atropine eyedrops are otherwise well tolerated even with long term use. It will be nearly inconceivable that very low dose (0.01%) would or could have any systemic side effects. In studies of long term of 0.05% and 0.01% doses in children confirms this.

If you have read through some of the eye floater discussion forums where this has been discussed, many people who have used the very low dose atropine eye drops have been very happy with the relief they experience. There is a common frustration, though, in getting their local eye care provider to understand their problem as well as prescribe the modified prescription for them. The other obstacle is finding a compounding pharmacy to mix the eyedrops at a reasonable price. Compounding pharmacies can be very expensive and about $80 or more for just a months worth of medication.

Our goal is to make it easier and more convenient to at least try out the very low dose atropine for a few weeks while you go about your business of school, work, and other daily activities that bring about your awareness of the floaters. 

Here is an opportunity for US residents to have a brief video- or phone consultation with Dr. Johnson to establish a doctor-patient relationship as well as to confirm that you are primarily experiencing eye floaters. After that, we will send you a bottle of preservative-free 0.01% Atropine eye drops to try out. The bottle should provide over a month's worth of daily use for both eyes.


This is for US residents only. Non-US international patient can download a 'white paper' statement which may help you convince your local doctor to prescribe low-dose atropine for you. Click Here.


1. Click the link to pay for a video consultation HERE

2.After purchase, you'll download a document with links to schedule the appointment and complete an online registration form.

3. Prior to your appointment, you will be emailed a link to a Zoom meeting for the scheduled date and time. You do not need to have a Zoom account to participate. 

4. We will have our video consultation to discuss your condition and experience and to make sure there are no medical contraindications to treatment (Generally, there are not any). It will be very helpful if you have had a previous eye examination to ensure your eyes are otherwise healthy and that your floaters are not part of a more serious eye condition.

5. After the video meeting, we will mail you the 4ml bottle atropine 0.01% containing an amount measured to 80 drops which should treat both eyes, everyday for over a month.

6. After this trial period, you will be able to purchase more directly from this website.

What will the drops cost me if I move forward and want more?
Less than a dollar a day if treating both eyes, every day. Postage is $4.25. There is no sales tax. 

1 each 4ml bottle : $29.95
2 each 4ml bottle : $57.95
3 each 4ml bottle : $85.95
I have seen Dr. Johnson before. Do I need this consultation?
No. We already have an established doctor-patient relationship. You do not need to schedule a new tele-medicine consultation to purchase these drops. You can order directly from this page:
https://thefloaterdoctor.com/shop and you can order 1,2, or 3 units.

We will mail out your order (with USPS tracking information) within 24 hours of receipt of payment (or next available postal day, e.g. Monday).
I will try the Atropine first. I want to eventually see you in your office to consider laser treatment.
That's great. As a courtesy, I will credit the $125.00 you spent on the Video-Consultation towards the usual $250.00 for my in-office evaluation consultation fee.
What if I schedule a Tele-Med Consultation and Decide to Cancel?
We will refund your payment. No worries. 

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