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Low Dose Atropine (0.01%) is a custom compounded formula that mildly dilates the pupil to reduce the appearance of eye floaters without the sensitivity to light and blurred vision that you get with a full pupil dilation.  It is helpful especially for younger floater sufferers who are not usually candidates for laser treatment For new patients, it requires a Zoom tele-med consultation first. Read more about this exciting and very affordable option at less than $1.00/day.

What are Eye Floaters?
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Vitreous eye floaters are clumps and clouds of collagen proteins that form in the normally-clear vitreous fluid in the back the eye. These clumps disturb normal clear vision with moving shadows, distortions, and sometimes actually blocking vision. It affects the quality of vision and quality of life...

Dr. Johnson's practice is the only ophthalmology specialty practice IN THE WORLD specializing in, and exclusively treating, bothersome eye floaters. We use an FDA-approved YAG laser as the only alternative to risky & invasive surgery. Treatment is low risk, painless, and with virtually no downtime...

It is tempting to go to a local doctor 'claiming ' to treat floaters, but experience really does matter... these are your eyes, your livelihood, and quality of life at stake. Go with the most experienced and qualified laser treatment specialist there is...

PVD Floaters.png

Illustration of a Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) typical of sudden-onset floater symptoms in 40+ yr patients. The vitreous body separates from the retina. Sometimes associated with peripheral flashes of light in the first few days or weeks. These are very treatable in the hands and judgment of an experienced laser specialist. 

vitreous eye floater
vitreous eye floater
vitreous eye floater

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