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Introduction to the Practice

Dr. Johnson's practice is the only opthalmology specialty practice IN THE WORLD specializing in and exclusively treating bothersome eye floaters. We use an FDA-approved YAG laser as the only alternative to risky & invasive surgery. It is low risk and with virtually no downtime.

Choose a Doctor Carefully

Can a local doctor treat your floaters? It is tempting to go to a local doctor 'claiming ' to treat floaters, but experience really does matter... these are your eyes, your livelihood, and quality of life at stake. Go with the most experienced laser treatment specialist there is.

About Dr. James Johnson
Younger (<35) with Floaters?

The best predictor of candidacy for treatment is the patient's age. Younger floater sufferers (roughly <35 yrs) ARE RARELY TREATABLE in a safe and successful way. We mostly treat those over 40-45 years. With few exceptions, we are no longer seeing younger patients.

Your Questions Answered

...and we mean ALL your questions. Click on the button to go to an index of this web site where we have pages and pages that are sure to answer the questions that floater sufferers have about this potentially life-changing treatment. And 'yes ', we know your doctor told you nothing could be done.

The Cost of Treatment

We are very transparent about the experience of treating eye floaters, including that of fees. There is only one initial consultation fee, then everything is based on procedures. There are some discounts available as well. Click on the button to find out more details...

Not sure if this is real? You Really Need to Watch Some Treatment Videos
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