If you have read through much of the web site you should have a pretty good understanding of the basics of the eye and floaters as well as the special properties of the laser. Many of my patients comment on how helpful the treatment videos are in helping them visualize what is really going on at the laser. Most eye doctors have never witnessed these treatment but it doesn’t take an M.D. credential to understand what is happening here.

Conceptually, treating with the laser is pretty simple. There is physical stuff (clumped proteins) in a physical space (the vitreous fluid) and I am directly very tightly-focused energy (the YAG laser) onto these proteins with the goal of destroying and dissipating them so that there are less bothersome symptoms. Watch and learn.

Above is a flat sheet of dense, plastic-like hyaline collagen protein. It is commonly called a Weiss (German for “white”) Ring because the classic form is ring shaped. This particular one is a variant of the ring, but they both has similar ideal treatment characteristics and originated from the same part of the retina.