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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is processed from your own blood to isolate and concentrate the platelets. Plates are the 'First Responders' to any significant injury to prevent bleeding. When activated, the platelets release up to 18 different growth factors, hormones, and cell-communication cytokines to start the healing process. 


Like eye floaters, extreme dry eye can adversely affect the quality of vision and quality of life. When symptoms are mild, artificial tears / lubricants and omega-3 supplements are adequate. For others, special eyelid hygiene and expensive immune system modulators like Restasis / cyclosporine (an organ transplant rejection medication!) are used. 


If you really suffer dry eye, you should consider a few months trial of custom compounded autologous PRP eye drops. It is made from your own blood and no other chemicals that can irritate the delicate eye surface. 


The blood is drawn here in the office, centrifuged and then processed in a laboratory laminar flow hood to maintain sterility. You will not likely find any other ophthalmologist offering this service, except for those sending you to a lab testing facility first, then the blood tubes sent out of state for processing. We do it here, and you walk out with 3-4 months worth of drops. 

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