Your visit with Dr. Johnson should be a low-risk environment compared to most any other health care related visit. Here are some reasons why:

  • Dr. Johnson's office is not situated in a dedicated medical building. It is an upscale office with little foot traffic other than employees of other office-based businesses. 

  • Because of the nature of Dr. Johnson's practice, it is rare even to have any overlap of patients, that is, rarely would you cross paths with another patient here. We schedule 1.25 hours for each patient.

  • Our floaters patients are otherwise generally quite healthy save for their primary complaint, the floaters. 

  • There are no employees or support staff. It will be you, and Dr. Johnson which again minimizes exposure to any others. 

I (Dr. Johnson) have been vaccinated and depending on the patient's preference, I'll be glad to wear a mask if requested. Depending on the patient's preference, you are welcome to go without mask. 

Cleaning precautions:

We'll use a disinfectant between patients to the commonly touched surfaces, primarily the exam chair and laser contact surfaces.

I'll look forward to removing this page, but until then, we all have to do what is necessary to reduce the spread. 

-Dr. James Johnson

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