Our practice very often gets requests to help a patient find a laser specialist doctor more local to them. Whether that inquiry comes from the next county, country, or continent over, here are some thoughts and facts we wish for you to consider before choosing an ophthalmologist to treat your vitreous floaters.

We strongly believe that the YAG laser treatment procedure is NOT a commodity procedure. Your experience and results will differ greatly from one practitioner to another.

With some quick internet searches, you will find that there are just a few of us in the US, and just a few more worldwide (concentrated in Europe) performing this very specialized and difficult procedure.

In choosing the right doctor for you, we strongly urge you to do your research to find a specialist in the procedure compared to those who just perform it occasionally. Since there is no formal training program, or certification board for laser ablation of eye floaters, it is your responsibility to do the research to find the surgeon most likely to achieve the best possible results and outcome.

Vitreous Floater Solutions Consulting & Research Group Inc. is the only practice exclusively providing treatment for eye floaters. Ours is NOT a general ophthalmology practice like others. We are completely focused on treating eye floaters.

One of the key features that sets us apart from all the other practices and doctors treating floaters is that our practice is exclusively dedicated to treating floaters. We are focused on floaters literally and figuratively. We do not have a waiting room full of cataracts, glaucoma, red eye, and dry eye patients with the doctor trying to move briskly from one room to the next. This allows Dr. Johnson to spend 60-120 minutes with each patient as needed – at every visit – to give them his full attention and focus. It is rare to have someone waiting because we block off and set aside the necessary time for each patient.

The reality is that floater treatment can be very technically challenging for the doctor and emotionally challenging for the patient. Difficult location of floaters, previous corneal or refractive procedures, and/or previous cataract surgery with lens implant can add a level of complexity and difficulty to the procedure. Patients with these conditions can not simply be treated in an allotted 10-15 minutes. These difficult patients often require a lengthy and undistracted effort for best outcome results.

We believe the time generously spent with the patient is important to our success and reputation. It allows the patients to ask questions and receive in return lengthy, thorough, and honest explanations. We also believe that the first visit is the opportunity for the patient to essentially “interview” Dr. Johnson.

So how does our practice compare to others also offering laser treatment for floaters? Every other practice incorporates their treatment offerings and scheduling within a general ophthalmology medical practice. The overhead of a larger space, a few-to-several employees, and multiple and expensive diagnostic or therapeutic devices place heavy financial pressure on the practice to see as many patients as possible just to make business overhead expenses. Other practices may appear to squeeze in their patients among a waiting room full of patients.

Dr. Johnson has treated patients who have been refused treatment by others because the floater problem was too complex, or were partially treated with unsatisfactory results. We can not recommend other floater treatment specialists as an equivalent practice with the expectation for an equivalent experience and results as compared to those who are treated by The Floater Doctor.

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